Peter EjtelPeter Ejtel brings 20 years of experience focused solely on Technology and the Internet, and fits the classic definition of a serial entrepreneur having founded multiple start-ups throughout his career. His unique combination of skills and experience range the full gamut from Sales to Development, giving him a unique perspective on challenges faced online.

He’s been selling registrations since the mid 90’s, assisted Tucows in shaping their aftermarket domain efforts for nearly half a decade, and spent years building Social Networks and supplying content to the content marketing vertical. Having been blessed with this wide array of experience during his career, he’s gained an intimate understanding of the value of domains, and most importantly how they enhance the brand strategy of an ideal buyer.

His experience includes working as the Founder and CEO of SharedReviews.com Inc., President and Founder of Route Net Corp. (1001Canada.com), Channel Sales Manager for Tucows.com Inc., Regional Sales Manager for WWWI, Strategic and Operational Consultant for GoBIGmedia, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Tele-Global Direct Corp, and most important of all… father and husband to an amazing family.


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