Domain Name BrokersYou can think of a Domain Name as the front door to the addressing system of the World Wide Web. This means location, location, location! They consists of letters, numbers, and dashes that Internet surfers the world over enter into browsers to find their favorite websites. This system has been around since the Internet was born, and it’s the best option anyone has for creating an instant impression online. Before seeing or reading about your website, people will see your domain name and then make a judgement call on who and what you are. From an Internet Branding perspective, this is the most important investment for any business online.

Due to the limited supply of top tier .COM domain names, not all were created equal. Owning a short, memorable and category defining domain name is like setting up shop on 5th Avenue. You acquire natural traffic, instant credibility, and immediately recognized as a leader in your space. These rare and valuable properties are highly sought after, and definitely not inexpensive. We only represents premium domain names valued in the 5 – 7 figure range USD.

We offer Brokerage services for premium domain properties and consulting on the industry in general. Whether you are looking to establish your online brand with an acquisition, or if you have a 5 -7 figure generic TLD you would like to market, we are ready to help you succeed.

Strategic Sales

Our team works to find your “Strategic Buyer”, the one that would benefit most from your property, and who’s willing and capable of paying top dollar to acquire it. Simply put, we seek deals that go beyond wholesale. Due to our meticulous and tailored approach to every sale, you shouldn’t expect the fastest turnaround but you can expect the highest return.

What we ask:

  • 90 Day Exclusivity
  • Name Servers pointed to our Domain For Sale system
  • 20% Commission upon close


When establishing a new brand, or strengthening an existing one, seeking out the best generic terms in the domain space to bolster your product or service should be your first step. We research and find the best domain name prospects for your particular vertical, offering multiple options for any budget.

Finding the right domain is only half the battle, the other is engaging and negotiating the sale. Getting in touch with a domain owner is not an easy process, especially when the domain is not being actively marketed. We take all steps to establish a dialogue in order to acquire response on your interest, and then negotiate the lowest price possible.