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Ejtel ConsultingWelcome to Ejtel Consulting, a new business I launched that offers top notch Domain Name, Development, Content and Consulting Services. I've had the opportunity to learn many lessons over the years, and I've amassed years of experience in all of the respective fields I provide services for. I now want to share that with you for all your Domain Name, Development, and Content needs.

I've been doing a good amount of contract / consulting work these last few years, so it's great to be able to formalize a proper offering under one umbrella. I've been blessed to have a couple great domain sales recently which really highlights the unique approach to outbound Domain Sales I've developed, but I also provide amazingly cost effective web / mobile development and high quality content creative, so make sure you check those services out as well.

Domain Sales Inventory

I'm currently marketing an amazing group of one and two word generic premium properties. There are a few great deals to be had if you're looking to make a short term acquisition.



I'm still working on my current start up SharedReviews, which has been in somewhat of a limbo these last couple years due to the ongoing development of a new Content Quality Analysis service I'm preparing to launch in the coming weeks. After Google's Panda algorithm hit the traffic of the site really hard back in early '12, it was extremely challenging trying to figure out which of the 66 thousand plus user generated articles had content quality issues that needed correcting.

It was so difficult I ended up having to shutter the site until some checks and balances could be put in place. It wasn't until very recently that the analysis service was ready to go through the entire heap of articles and trim the low quality fat (about 45% was culled). I will be re-launching SharedReviews under a completely new brand / model within the next couple of months, but in the short term I'll have my hands full focused on getting the Content Analysis Service off to a good start.


The content analysis service will be called, and it'll allow you to paste in your content markup, or plug in the url of a published page and acquire a programmatic analysis of the content quality using an accurate scoring system that has been developed using some nifty tricks and years of traffic analysis data collected across all of SharedReviews published content in every topic vertical you can think of. Each report will provide detailed suggestions on how to fix any issues that are found, and I've developed some convenience tools to help you with the corrections. I'm super excited about this one since I've been working on it for over 2 years now, and I'll post more details in the coming weeks as I get closer to launch.

I'm ecstatic to move into this new chapter in my career, and I really look forward to starting to blog again. I used to blog extensively back before most people knew what a blog was, but now I think I have some actual value to share 🙂

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  1. pazhi yarasu
    Hi, I have domain which have high competition now, hope its a good domain & i am willing to sell. Billions of dollars processed this name.Hope warren buffet will understand the value of this domain name Also I have a domain If you feel it's a good name ,i am ready to sell. Awaiting for your reply, Thank you.
  2. Hi Pazhi, unfortunately neither of those domains fall within our acceptance criteria. We currently only represent dictionary word English one (and sometimes two) word .COM domains only. Thanks for your inquiry, and I wish you best of luck with your properties.

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